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The webse, while under construction still, has correct pricing info now.Just keep in mind, we here at Breezy lane think everyone should have acess to good photos, soneiwwe arevwilling to work out contractual payment plance, and we L OVE to barter…so just try me. ‘

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It’s been a while!

The webse, while under construction still, has correct pricing info now.Just keep in mind, we here at Breezy lane think everyone should have acess to good photos, soneiwwe arevwilling to work out contractual payment plance, and we L OVE to barter…so just try me. ‘

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Goodbye Winter!!!



Winter is almost over, so let’s celebrate by taking


Let’s celebrate even further by having  a SALE!

If you book and pay in full for your session before February 27th you get your entire session AND a Basic Print Package, for only 80 Dollars! This saves you 40 dollars off regular pricing!!



Fine print: Your session can take place any time, but must bepaid for on or before February 27th. This special does not include a proof book, any prints, products, or extras except for the Basic Print Package and session fee. No refunds for cancellations, if something unavoidable come up the day of your shoot, please contact me so we can reschedule. This special can not be combined with any other offers, specials, coupons, or discounts. One session per family, please. Groups of six are fine, extra persons after six are $10 per person. Proofs will be uploaded online to a Flickr album within 7 days of your shoot. From this album you will choose the images to be included in your Basic Print Package. While coupons/discounts are not eligible for use on this special, they may be used for any additional print/product purchases.

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We Have Gone Viral

I am happy to announce my website is now up and running, thanks to my husband’s diligent work and amazing patience. Be sure to check it out at and let us know  what you think. It is a work in progress, so please continue to check back as we add more galleries and information in the coming weeks.

Today is Groundhog Day, and ol’ Phil did NOT see his shadow, which means spring time is just around the corner. Although it looks like this: february storm

outside now, it really won’t be long until warmer weather and greener scenes are here. Spring is the prime time for outdoor photography. Time to book those Easter sessions now, they fill up fast.

Also,  I am excited  to offer a new style of photography for me; studio. I now have equipment available to accommodate those who prefer traditional ‘studio’ pictures rather than my usual, more casual, documentary style photography. My new seamless backgrounds are available in charcoal grey, vibrant blue, and olive-green. I absolutely LOVE these backgrounds. They give a smooth, polished look to a photograph, making it both timeless and trendy all at once! I also have black or white muslin available, and as time goes on, I will be adding to the colours available, so be sure to ask if you have a certain colour in mind. Chances are, I can get your colour before your session. Lights and backdrops can be brought to you at your location, or we can meet at local restaurant The Wharf (formerly Catfish Wharf), where I have use of a back room to complete studio sessions.

Send me an email at for more information or to book your session. And don’t forget the website!!


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It is one of my favourite times of the year in the Ozarks now. All the leaves look as if they are on fire, there is the crisp promise of winter in the air, and the skies are spectacularly blue! The brevity of the fall leaf season is part of what makes it so special. Only for a few short weeks do we get to witness and CAPTURE the amazing views and colours of Autumn. For 2010, that time has nearly run out already!!! Today marks the beginning of the last two weeks of October, which is traditionally the end of the fall leaf season. So, in honour of the last of the beautiful fall colours, I offer a last-minute POP SALE!!

This special must be booked AND take place before Monday, November 1st. This is a perfect time to document your little ones in their Halloween costumes, OR to get a jump-start on your Christmas cards this year. The October 2010 last-minute special includes your session fee (normally $75) AND our BASIC PRINT PACKAGE (normally $60)  all for $100.  If you add those prints up separately they equal 84 dollars, so that means you get  159 dollar value for only 100 dollars! Can’t beat that!


Remember, this Pop Sale only lasts until November 1st, so book NOW!

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Exciting New Product!

Did you know there is a lot more you can do with your photography than plain old prints? I offer many, many options for turning your portraits into works of art. Canvases are available, wall mounts, fine art paper prints, even book marks, calenders, and dry erase boards! Of course, I also offer several different options for custom-made albums.

Today I am happy to add one more great press product to my offerings…..Introducing Luxe Cards! These cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can even have a hole pre-punched to make the perfect Christmas gift; a customized ornament!

I am thinking this year, instead of a plain old family picture with our Christmas cards, we’ll be sending a priceless keepsake, a Luxe Card ornament!

Check out this stock pic of some sample cards:

Gorgeous right?!

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Fall Disount!

This week only, from tonight until next Sunday, September 26, all sessions are 25% off! Sessions can be held any time, as long as they are booked this week.

Call 870-416-0486 or email to book your appointment today!

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My First Longies, The Beginning

Ever since I decided to cloth diaper my youngest child, (who’s first birthday is coming up next month!), I have longed for a pair of longies.

For those of you who are unitiated in the world of cloth diapers, “longies” is a term for a pair pants knitted in wool yarn and used as a diaper cover. Not only is wool 100% natural, but the unique properties of the fiber allow it not only to repel water, but also to absorb up to 30% of it’s weight in liquid without feeling wet! It does all this, plus it breathes, which means baby’s skin stays cool and dry.

Of course, the absolute cuteness factor involved in a pair of knitted bottoms is a plus, as well. 🙂

For several years I have tried to crotchet, but I am horrible at keeping guage. I end up with rows of tight stitches, followed by rows of loose stitches.  Knitting always seemed impossible to me. If I couldn’t do anything with yarn and one needle, how was I supposed to work with two needles?

Recently, in a second hand store, I came across knitting needles, yarn, and an instructional book on knitting. Of course, I grabbed them up. When I tried to teach myself using the book I realized the book had been printed in the fifties and assumes every woman has at least rudimentary knitting skills. Apparently the author did not realize what a dying art knitting would become! I had to run out and purchase a basic “teach yourself” kit from the local box store, and boy am I glad I did!!

Two needles are much better than one! I’ve already completed a hat for my husband (which I haven’t photographed yet) and I am now nearly half way through my coveted pair of longies!

I don’t have the correct size needles to make the pair I truly want to make, the AubreyDoodle pattern, which are knit in the round (circular or double pointed needles) and look  like this:


So I am knitting another free pattern I found instead, the Tiny Bird Pattern, which is knit flat (two needles)  and looks like this:


Last night I stayed up until THREE in the morning knitting! (yeah, I am really loving this hobby, lol) Unfortunately, the picture I took of my work was before this knitting-spree, when I had just started. I am not using wool, but cotton, because wool is more expensive and I want to make a practice run before I use the higher-quality fabric. It sure is a pretty colorway, though. 🙂


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Pippen – Mohammed Wedding – a set on Flickr

Pippen – Mohammed Wedding – a set on Flickr.

Recently I was given the honor of photographing the wedding of a beautiful young couple, Heather and Adel. The entire album can be viewed at Flikr, link above, but here is a little preview;







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