Exciting New Product!

Did you know there is a lot more you can do with your photography than plain old prints? I offer many, many options for turning your portraits into works of art. Canvases are available, wall mounts, fine art paper prints, even book marks, calenders, and dry erase boards! Of course, I also offer several different options for custom-made albums.

Today I am happy to add one more great press product to my offerings…..Introducing Luxe Cards! These cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can even have a hole pre-punched to make the perfect Christmas gift; a customized ornament!

I am thinking this year, instead of a plain old family picture with our Christmas cards, we’ll be sending a priceless keepsake, a Luxe Card ornament!

Check out this stock pic of some sample cards:

Gorgeous right?!


About Breezy Lane Photography

I am a photographer, wife, and mother of four children, two girls (12 and 1) and two boys (8 and 6). My husband and I live near Gaither, Arkansas in Boone County on an acre of land where we garden, raise chickens and rabbits, and learn about wild food. This blog's main purpose is showing off pictures and sharing information about my photography business, but I'll also share the going's on here on Breezy Lane. You may find me sharing info about making home made jelly from foraged berries, knitting a hat, making cloth diapers, frugal living, identifying wild food, gardening, or any number of varied topics.
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2 Responses to Exciting New Product!

  1. Brittany Parker says:

    These are cool! Me and Alex need some family photos and christmas cards 🙂

  2. Just let me know the date. 🙂

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