It is one of my favourite times of the year in the Ozarks now. All the leaves look as if they are on fire, there is the crisp promise of winter in the air, and the skies are spectacularly blue! The brevity of the fall leaf season is part of what makes it so special. Only for a few short weeks do we get to witness and CAPTURE the amazing views and colours of Autumn. For 2010, that time has nearly run out already!!! Today marks the beginning of the last two weeks of October, which is traditionally the end of the fall leaf season. So, in honour of the last of the beautiful fall colours, I offer a last-minute POP SALE!!

This special must be booked AND take place before Monday, November 1st. This is a perfect time to document your little ones in their Halloween costumes, OR to get a jump-start on your Christmas cards this year. The October 2010 last-minute special includes your session fee (normally $75) AND our BASIC PRINT PACKAGE (normally $60)  all for $100.  If you add those prints up separately they equal 84 dollars, so that means you get  159 dollar value for only 100 dollars! Can’t beat that!


Remember, this Pop Sale only lasts until November 1st, so book NOW!


About Breezy Lane Photography

I am a photographer, wife, and mother of four children, two girls (12 and 1) and two boys (8 and 6). My husband and I live near Gaither, Arkansas in Boone County on an acre of land where we garden, raise chickens and rabbits, and learn about wild food. This blog's main purpose is showing off pictures and sharing information about my photography business, but I'll also share the going's on here on Breezy Lane. You may find me sharing info about making home made jelly from foraged berries, knitting a hat, making cloth diapers, frugal living, identifying wild food, gardening, or any number of varied topics.
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