We Have Gone Viral

I am happy to announce my website is now up and running, thanks to my husband’s diligent work and amazing patience. Be sure to check it out at www.itsallbreezy.com and let us know  what you think. It is a work in progress, so please continue to check back as we add more galleries and information in the coming weeks.

Today is Groundhog Day, and ol’ Phil did NOT see his shadow, which means spring time is just around the corner. Although it looks like this: february storm

outside now, it really won’t be long until warmer weather and greener scenes are here. Spring is the prime time for outdoor photography. Time to book those Easter sessions now, they fill up fast.

Also,  I am excited  to offer a new style of photography for me; studio. I now have equipment available to accommodate those who prefer traditional ‘studio’ pictures rather than my usual, more casual, documentary style photography. My new seamless backgrounds are available in charcoal grey, vibrant blue, and olive-green. I absolutely LOVE these backgrounds. They give a smooth, polished look to a photograph, making it both timeless and trendy all at once! I also have black or white muslin available, and as time goes on, I will be adding to the colours available, so be sure to ask if you have a certain colour in mind. Chances are, I can get your colour before your session. Lights and backdrops can be brought to you at your location, or we can meet at local restaurant The Wharf (formerly Catfish Wharf), where I have use of a back room to complete studio sessions.

Send me an email at ahuskins@windstream.net for more information or to book your session. And don’t forget the website!! http://www.itsallbreezy.com



About Breezy Lane Photography

I am a photographer, wife, and mother of four children, two girls (12 and 1) and two boys (8 and 6). My husband and I live near Gaither, Arkansas in Boone County on an acre of land where we garden, raise chickens and rabbits, and learn about wild food. This blog's main purpose is showing off pictures and sharing information about my photography business, but I'll also share the going's on here on Breezy Lane. You may find me sharing info about making home made jelly from foraged berries, knitting a hat, making cloth diapers, frugal living, identifying wild food, gardening, or any number of varied topics.
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