Goodbye Winter!!!



Winter is almost over, so let’s celebrate by taking


Let’s celebrate even further by having  a SALE!

If you book and pay in full for your session before February 27th you get your entire session AND a Basic Print Package, for only 80 Dollars! This saves you 40 dollars off regular pricing!!



Fine print: Your session can take place any time, but must bepaid for on or before February 27th. This special does not include a proof book, any prints, products, or extras except for the Basic Print Package and session fee. No refunds for cancellations, if something unavoidable come up the day of your shoot, please contact me so we can reschedule. This special can not be combined with any other offers, specials, coupons, or discounts. One session per family, please. Groups of six are fine, extra persons after six are $10 per person. Proofs will be uploaded online to a Flickr album within 7 days of your shoot. From this album you will choose the images to be included in your Basic Print Package. While coupons/discounts are not eligible for use on this special, they may be used for any additional print/product purchases.


About Breezy Lane Photography

I am a photographer, wife, and mother of four children, two girls (12 and 1) and two boys (8 and 6). My husband and I live near Gaither, Arkansas in Boone County on an acre of land where we garden, raise chickens and rabbits, and learn about wild food. This blog's main purpose is showing off pictures and sharing information about my photography business, but I'll also share the going's on here on Breezy Lane. You may find me sharing info about making home made jelly from foraged berries, knitting a hat, making cloth diapers, frugal living, identifying wild food, gardening, or any number of varied topics.
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